Our History

Welcome to RCCG Amazing Grace Assembly!!! We are a family. What holds us together is not ethnicity, politics or castes. We are simply a community of people found by Grace, exceptionally transformed to go beyond limitations and qualified by mercy to attain great heights. So no matter where you are in life, we invite you to come as you are; the same grace that qualified us can save you and turn it all around.

We occupy a special place in the annals of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. It is by grace. Yes, we are proud to say it! We occupy the very first auditorium of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. We are in the cradle of history, holiness, anointing, power of the Holy Ghost and the covenant of greatness God made to the Church. We are the first Youth Church on the Redemption Camp.

You may come in as a stranger, but you’ll leave as a family. It is of a truth that you matter to God, therefore you matter to us. Next time you come around, please come home, we’re saving a seat for you.


– Honour to God and people in the fold of Christ;

– Determination to achieve even more for God and ourselves;

– Love as commanded by Christ, to love others as ourselves;

– Holiness without which no one can see God.

Our Vision & Mission Statement

1. To make Heaven

2. To Take As many as Possible With Us

3. To Have A Member Of RCCG In Every Family Of all Nation

4. To accomplish No.1 above, Holiness Will Be Our Lifestyle

5. To Accomplish No.2 & 3 Above,

We will plant Churches Within Five Minutes Walking Distance In Every City And Town Of Developing Countries And Within Five Minutes Driving Distance In Every City And Town Of Developed Countries.

6. We will Pursue These Objectives Until Every Nation In the world Is Reached For JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.